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Samurai Sunset

As the sun goes down and the Ninja are donning their black for their night time shenanigans the Samurai are relaxing and counting their hard earn wealth and want to share it with you

This 10 Payline, 5 reel slot offers seven great features and also has a Supergame mode available if you wager enough to add that extra excitement to the game along with the option to play the game in high roller mode!

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Game Features

Lines: 10

Stakes: £0.01-£50.00 per line

Autoplay: 5-100

Other: Sound Off/On, Gamble Off/On


Payouts in Samurai Sunset are made according to the Paytable so if you land 5 Gold Coin symbols you are guaranteed 500x your stake per line with the maximum win from any one spin of the game being capped at £250,000

Bonus Features

The first feature of Samurai Sunset to discuss is the Supergame feature that comes in to play when you stake £2.00 or more per spin which adds 2 extra stacks of Wild symbols to reels 2 and 4, 2 extra bonus symbols on reels 1 and 5 and an extra bonus symbol on reel 3 so it is definitely worth doing as it will increase your win chances and the likelihood of triggering the fantastic features of the game. If you are not playing the game in the Supergame mode and you are staking £1.00 or less on a spin then the Wild symbol only appears on reel 3 and Wilds become available on reels 2, 3 and 4 on stakes above £1.

The Bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 and landing all three of them in view will trigger the bonus selector feature where you are presented with 14 positions to choose from. Each position conceals an icon that corresponds to one of the features and when you have revealed two of the same icons the relevant bonus feature is played out. The bonus features are:

2 Wild Warriors: In this feature you get to select 2 Reels to turn totally wild and the potential win will be shown; select and deselect your reels until you're happy and when you press select the selected reels turn wild and your wins are calculated

3 Wild Warriors: This is the same as the 2 Wild Warriors except that you get to select three reels to turn wild

Free Spins: 8 free spins are awarded during which landing 1 or 2 of the Bonus symbols in view will cause up to 10 mystical fireballs to be shown and selecting one of the fireballs will cause a symbol that is currently in view to be shown or an extra number of spins. When a symbol is revealed during this feature then all instances of that symbol that are currently in view will be turned in to wild symbols and your wins calculated; the symbols will then be returned to normal after your wins have been awarded. You get to pick one or two of the fireballs depending on how many Bonus symbols trigger the feature and if you land three of the Bonus symbols in view, instead of getting to pick fireballs, 8 additional free games are added to your balance.

Samurai Stepper: In this feature you are presented with a grid containing the 9 pay table symbols with a dapple that moves among them. When you press the stop button the dapple will indicate a symbol which will be shown beneath the reels and the reels will start to step down 1 position at a time. Any reels that end up displaying a stack of three of the selected symbols or a stack of three wild symbols will be held in place while the other reels continue to step. The feature will end when a winning combination of at least three of the selected symbol comes on to the screen or you get stacks of wilds on all the reels.

Lucky Lanterns: This feature begins with 2 waves of lanterns available and begins when the entry splash button has been pressed. Each lantern colour that is shown has an associated win multiplier to it and as your wins are processed they are removed from the grid; this will continue until there are no further winning combinations in the grid.

War Chests: You are presented with 16 Chests and opening a Chest will reveal either a cash value, a multiply next win or an empty chest. Revealing a cash value will add it to the win tally for the feature while revealing a multiplier will get you a multiplier between 2 and 10 which is to be applied to the next cash value revealed. Revealing an empty chest will end the feature with your accrued winnings being applied to your balance.

Pick a Win: You are initially presented with three positions and picking one will reveal a multiplier which will be applied to any wins made in the 7 respins that you have available. On each respin a winning combination is formed which you can either accept which will end the feature with your winnings and if you reject it the reels will respin in to a new winning combination which is also offered to you. This can continue until you accept a win or the 7th respin occurs which will award you the winnings from that spin.

The High Roller feature of the game is a set of 5 connected spins with extra bonuses. At the £20 level you get an additional Bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 while 4 stacks of Wild symbols will be added to reels 1 and 5. Playing the High Roller spins for £30 will bring you all the benefits of the £20 High roller with increased payouts and another extra Bonus symbol on reel 5. Playing High Roller spins at £50 will bring all the previous benefits and an extra Bonus symbol on reel 5 and an extra stack of Wild symbols added to reel 3.

Reel Symbols

  • Wild...this symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols except scatter
  • Bonus...3 of this bonus triggers instant win and free spins
  • Gold Coin
  • Chest
  • Cannon
  • Guitar
  • Lantern
  • J-A



Samurai Sunset has an average RTP between 89% and 94%


The Samurai Sunset slot is a CR Games slot game.

Play 'Samurai Sunset' now at:

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