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The Only Way Is Slots

Fake tans, bling and rippled torsos are not just reserved for The Only Way Is Essex on TV - you will also find them in The Only Way Is Slots game!

This fun to play, tongue in cheek slot is based loosely around this show and is available at several mobile casinos. It is fast becoming a firm favourite with slots players.

The Only Way Is Slots

Gold Rush

One of the more interesting mobile slot games to play is the Gold Rush slot which boasts plenty of winning symbols on its 5 reels and quite a high payout percentage.

The best part of this slot game though has to be the bonus game which when it triggers can award you with lots of often re-triggering free spins, and there in lies the secret of some big winning payouts.

Gold Rush Slot

Knight Quest

You will be stepping back in time if you opt to play this mobile slot game to the Medieval era where the very wealthiest and most noble of soldiers were of course the Knights.

Featuring a colourful cast of reel symbols which really do befit the theme of the slot, you could bag a large base game jackpot or win three times the base jackpot via the regularly triggering bonus game.

Knight Quest Slot

Long John's Silver

A fun to play mobile slot game, and this particular one comes with a comical type of Pirate theme, look out for it when you next fire up your mobile phone and settle down to play some slots!

Whilst some large winning payouts can be won on the base game, for even bigger winning opportunities it is the bonus game where these can often be found.

Long John's Silver Slot

Disco Dollars

Thanks to this game being a mobile slot you can play anywhere, so if you are at a dance hall and the music is rather naff then fire up your mobile and get playing!

One of the must play slot games you will find it comes with plenty of paylines, a high payout percentage and a regularly triggering bonus feature round to keep those winning payouts coming!

Disco Dollars Slot

Loopy Lotto

How do you fancy trying to win one of two large and ever rising progressive jackpots? Well if you do, then allow us to introduce you to this Loopy Lotto slot machine.

As its name indicates, it comes with a lottery type theme, and the jackpots could rise up to some lottery jackpot amounts, so try and give it some playtime soon!

Loopy Lotto Slot

Filthy Rich

The Filthy Rich slot is somewhat of a celebrity in the slot world, as it was the every first mobile slot you could play on the go with a mobile phone!

Whilst it may be quite an older type of game to play do not let this fact put you off giving it some serious play time, as there is a lot to like about this game as you are about to find out.

Filthy Rich Slot

Money Beach

Whilst winning big is not something you usually associate with lounging around on the beach, you could do just that by playing this slot on your mobile whilst sitting in the sun!

One of the least technically advanced slot machines it comes with a set of just three reels and spread over them are some 5 paylines, however it comes with a huge payout percentage and that is all you should be looking for!

Money Beach Slot

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