Gourmet Ranch Riches

Gourmet Ranch Riches is a great slot game based on the ever popular Social Media game; it loses none of the fun of the original and adds the ability to win money as well, definitely worth a go

This slot takes a different spin on the usual gaming format, you are still looking to create lines but you are also looking to increase the size of your Ranch as you can receive 6 bonus rounds for a full plot

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Game Features

There are no Paylines as such with Gourmet Ranch Riches, you are paid out for chains of symbols as a multiplier of your total stake starting with three in a row and you can start of with a minimum stake of £0.10 and push this up to £200.00 to maximise your payouts, it has a great Autoplay feature as well as it lets you set from 5 up to an unlimited number of plays so you can watch the game play till you are satisfied with your wins and cancel at the press of a button.


Bonus features aside, you can win up to 10,000x times your stake by getting a chain of 15 symbols, it is matching any available symbol that counts, there isn't a separate payout rate for differing symbols.

Bonus Features

This is where the game gets really interesting, your plot is a 5 by 5 grid with 13 sections planted and ready to roll, if you make a winning combination, when this happens the ingredients are harvested and wins collected, two extra sections to your plot are then added and empty sections re-planted, this can keep happening till you get an entire farm in play and bonus rounds become available. After plots are added and grown, if no more wins are available, the farm returns to its original configuration.

When the farm is full, 6 free bonus rounds are awarded where all the plots of your farm are always in play and it is played at the same bet as the base game that triggered it, it is effectively 6 free spins however, a win in the first round will be payed out normally but this increases with additional stage up to a maximum of x10 so if you get 10 or more wins in each stage, you get a 10x multiplier to your win. If three or more wins are triggered in a single bonus round stage, a number of additional free bonus rounds is awarded equal to the number of wins triggered so if you get 3 different wins in a stage of a bonus round you will get an additional 3 free bonus rounds up to a maximum of 8.

Just like the Social Media version of the game, you can unlock recipes and achievements but these have no impact on the game as far as wins are concerned

Reel Symbols

  • Cabbages
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Turkey



Gourmet Ranch Riches has an RTP of 95.8%


The Gourmet Ranch Riches slot is an Odobo slot game.

Play 'Gourmet Ranch Riches' now at:

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