Rainbow Riches-Pick n Mix

Your favourite Leprechaun from the mobile slot world comes bursting back on to your screen and this time he is putting you in control of his bonus rounds, most definitely a game with option that you will love

This 20 Payline, 5 reel slot lets you pick up to three bonuses for your games whether you prefer the traditional free spins, like picking Toadstools or fancy a stroll down the road to riches, all you could want and more are waiting for you in the Leprechaun's land

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Game Features

The 20 paylines in Rainbow Riches-Pick n Mix are fixed so you just need to decide on you stake per line which can be as low as a penny per line and this can be raised all the way up to £25.00 per line. There is also a Big Bet feature that allows you to stake between £10.00 and £25.00 for the chance of triggering one of your selected Bonus rounds and if the round isn't trigger you then have 5 Mega Spins of the game instead

When the game starts you are shown 5 icons, each representing one of the bonus rounds available for the game and you can pick between 1 and 3 of the rounds, if you only select one or two of the bonus rounds, the chances of triggering that bonus round within the game is increased. At any time you can change your chosen bonuses by selecting the Reset Bonus button that you will see in the top right of the screen and as a handy reminder, the chosen bonus symbols are shown beneath the reels.


Payouts in Rainbow Riches have been capped at £250,000 from any one wager on the game and the most rewarding symbol to land for a payline win is the Rainbow Riches logo symbol which will get you a win that is 500x your stake per line which will also be awarded if 5 of your bonus scatter symbols land in view though if this happens the scatter win will be awarded instead of the bonus round being triggered.

Bonus Features

The Lucky Coin symbol is wild in this mobile slot game and substitutes for all other symbols apart from the bonus symbols which are the Leprechaun, the Pot of Gold, Free Spins the Leprechaun Under Rainbow and the Mushroom which correspond to different bonus rounds that you select at the beginning of the game and can change later on and the bonuses are triggered when 3 or more of the Bonus scatter symbols land in view anywhere on the screen.

Leprechaun: This symbol triggers the Road to Riches bonus and triggering the feature with four of the symbols triggers the feature in a Super mode. During the feature you tap the screen to spin the wheel which can land on a number which the Leprechaun then moves and the multiplier increases in accordance with the section of the path that the Leprechaun lands on. The game continues until Collect is displayed on the wheel or the final step on the path is reached when the total multiplier achieved will be applied to your stake. When this feature is played in Super mode the multipliers that are available on the path are increased in value.

Pot of Gold: When this round is triggered you will be presented with Gold, Silver and Bronze pots spinning around the screen and when they come to a stop an arrow will point to a pot which will contain a multiplier to your bet which is then awarded to you. If this bonus is triggered with more than 3 of the triggering symbols in view then only Gold and Silver pots will be on the screen.

Free Spin: The Free Spins symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 of the symbol and is stacked on reel 1 meaning that the feature can be triggered when a Free Spin symbol is showing on each of the three reels with 3, 4 or 5 of the symbols which will award 10, 20 or 30 free spins respectively which not only can be re-triggered adding another 5 free spins to your number of spins remaining and the Free Spins symbol will also act as a wild symbol.

Leprechaun Under Rainbow: This symbol triggers the Cash Drop bonus where you will see 50 spinning coins displayed on the screen which can land on either a blank or a multiplier and once all coins have stopped spinning, the remaining multipliers fade out one are a time and add their prize amount to the win meter. A large coins with Go and Collect on each side then appears and if the coins lands on collect, the amount in the win meter is won and the bonus ends but if the coin lands on go, level 2 of the feature is triggered with another 50 coins to potentially add to your win meter and this will happen for a third and final time if the coins lands on go after the second level. When this feature is triggered with more than three of the Leprechaun Under Rainbow symbols then the coin is guaranteed to land on go and the end of level 1

Magic Toadstool: In this bonus round you are shown a field of 24 Toadstools and you get to pick three of them which can uncover a multiplier or a fairy; the multiplier is applied to your stake per line for rewards and the fairy will reveal three additional Toadstools for additional wins and/or even more fairies. This bonus ends when no picks are left or the field is emptied and if the feature ends with no Toadstools remaining but picks left then a final multiplier is awarded and applied to the total you have already amassed. During the feature you may randomly trigger an extra pick

The Big Bet game mentioned earlier gives you the chance to trigger a bonus round immediately, you will see 1 to 3 wheels depending on the number of active bonus rounds with each wheel consisting of 2 slices of varying size-a rainbow slice and a green slice and the size of each slice is determine by the size of the Big Bet wager. When you select one of the wheels a pointer is spun and if it lands on the rainbow segment then that bonus feature is triggered and if it lands on the green segment, 5 Mega Spins of the game are played out instead. The Mega Spins are played at three times the minimum stake per line and if the Pots of Gold Bonus or Road to Riches Bonus is triggered in a Mega Spin then it is played at 60 times the minimum stake per line as are other bonus rounds apart from free spins.

Reel Symbols

  • Lucky Coin...this symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols except Bonus scatter symbols
  • Bonus Symbols...3 or more triggers bonus round
  • Rainbow Riches Logo
  • 10-A



Rainbow Riches-Pick n Mix has an average RTP between 94.00% and 98%


The Rainbow Riches-Pick n Mix slot is an SG Interactive slot game.

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