Spiderman-Attack of the Green Goblin

Get your Spidey senses and feel like a hero with this great Super Hero themed game, you may not be able to spin the webs but you can spin the reels

This is a great 5 reel 25 payline slot that has all the bonus features and amazing jackpots that you would come to expect from a Marvel themed slot game

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Game Features

You can not change the 25 lines in play on this slot but you can set the stake per line from as little as £0.01 to a whole £5.00

Pressing the auto play button will allow you to select up to 50 spins or set it to spin until a feature drops in, a nice touch I thought

The game comes with the expected wild and scatter symbols along with free spins and even more bonus features discussed later


The Jackpots on the Spiderman-Attack of the Green Goblins slot game are made according to the Paytable and no maximum jackpot is stated, this means that on a basic win, even if you loose, and a Progressive Jackpot is triggered, you could win a cool 100,000 Euro's

Bonus Features

The first bonus feature in this Slot is the Spiderman Wild Feature, during any spin; Spiderman can swing across the screen, turning three symbols wild for your next spin.

The Spidey Snapshot feature also occurs randomly while the reels are spinning; in this case Spiderman can appear on the screen, hanging upside down, for a photo opportunity, when this happens you are rewarded with 3-10x your total bet on the spin.

There is a bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 and if it drops anywhere on these reels, The Spiderman Collection Bonus comes into play after the Spin, pictures of 5 comics will appear on the screen and you get to select the bonus feature that you want to play.

Ultimate Fight feature is almost like a video game where Spidey and the Green Goblin will fight it out. They will appear on either side of the screen with full power bars and between them are cobweb symbols. Selecting a cobweb will reveal one of three outcomes: Spiderman strikes successfully, the Green Goblin strikes successfully and Spiderman gets 6 power units restored. When a strike successfully is revealed, it is revealed with a number and that is reduced from the target's power, the same character is attacked three times in a row will award a more powerful super-combo strike. Each of Spiderman's successful strikes awards a prize of 2x your total bet for every power unit taken from the Green Goblin's power bar and in the case of a combo strike, the multiplier is 3x the total stake. If Spidey wins the fight you are also rewarded with a payout equal to your total bet x 2 for each power unit he has left. If Spidey wins the fight and has 17-18 power left, your entire winnings are doubled and if he has full power, your winnings are multiplied by 5.

In the City chase feature, Spiderman is swinging across the city in pursuit of the Green Goblin, every time he stops a money bags or pumpkin symbols will appear, each standing for a cash prize or a collect option, selecting one will reveal cash or collect and if cash is awarded, Spidey will continue on his journey. While swinging, you may get a Hazard Spidey Sense or an Intuition Spidey sense, the Hazard helps evade the collect option, the Intuition allows you to see the prize behind the symbol, the higher cash prize being highlighted. This feature can continue for a maximum of 10 trips.

Hot Zone Free Games Feature award you with 20 free games and while the reels are spinning, Spiderman can throw webs at the reels forming a 2x2 hot zone and if the Wild symbol or Green Goblin symbol appear in the Hot Zone, they get stuck there till the Hot Zone ends. If the Green Goblin appears in the Hot Zone it becomes Extra Wild where payouts made with these symbols are multiplied by 2.

Rivalling Free Games Feature awards you 10 fee spins and Spider or Pumpkin symbols are added to reel 3. Whenever the Spider symbol appears, Spiderman stops the free spin counter and it remains stopped while more spins carry on and if the spider symbol drops again, you will gain a multiplier to your free spin wins. When the Pumpkin appears, the Green Goblin resets you multiplier to x1 and unfreezes the free spin counter.

Radioactive Free Games Feature awards you 15 free spins and the Radioactive Spider is added to reel 3. When this symbol appears, it randomly puts 2 more Radioactive Spider symbols on the reels 2 and 4 and they all act as wild symbols for calculating prizes. 

The last Feature is the Marvel Mystery Jackpot which is a multi-level progressive jackpot, a percentage of each of your spins goes in to these jackpots and you have a chance to win between 50 and 100,000 Euro's and is triggered randomly and can occur after any game. If you are entered into a jackpot game, you are guaranteed one of the four rewards. The Jackpot game consists of 20 squares, each concealing a jackpot amount selecting a square reveals the jackpot and once you have uncovered three of the same jackpots, ranging from Power Jackpot at 50 Euro's to the Ultimate Power Jackpot of 100,000 Euro's, you are rewarded that amount along with your original winnings from the triggering spin, (if any).

Reel Symbols

  • Wild Symbol...Wild symbol substituting for all except Bonus
  • Bonus...Appears on reels 1,3 and 5 and awards Features
  • Green Goblin
  • Mary Jane
  • City
  • Camera
  • 9-A



95.11% - Not bad considering the massive Jackpot!


The Spiderman-Attack of the Green Goblins slot is by Playtech

Play 'Spiderman-Attack of the Green Goblin' now at:

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