SpinLotto has finally arrived; a game that truly fuses the thrill and excitement of a slot game with the anticipation and wins you would expect from the best lotto game

This 10 Payline, 5 reel gets you to pick your numbers and even a bonus ball to help maximise your wins as you go spin-crazy for this dynamic game

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Game Features

Lines: 1-10

Stakes: £0.01-£2.00 per line plus optional Star Booster

Autoplay: 25-100

Other: Sound Off/On

This is one of the most innovative games that we have seen in some time as it is the first mobile slot game we have seen that truly brings together slots and playing the Lottery without losing any of the thrill from either. your selected number are affectively your winning symbols, no matter in what order they land and your Bonus Star number will help you get a win with just one number or boost your wins from multiple numbers. The sound, although what you would expect from a lottery presentation isn't irksome or annoying in any way at all. The only small negative that we could think of with this game is that it could have done with a turbo mode to help you get through more spins as the game is one that you will want to spin and spin again; as many times as possible in the time you are allowed.


Payouts in SpinLotto are made according to the Paytable so if you land 5 numbers plus your Lucky Star number you are guaranteed a huge win that is 10,000x times your stake per line

Bonus Features

There are no wild numbers or free spins, in this amazing game; just like the real Lotto, it is all about getting 5 of your selected numbers on a payline. At the start of the game you are prompted to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 49 to be your lotto numbers and also a Luck Star number which is a number between 1 and 15 and there is also a Quick Pick option if you don't have 5 favourite or lucky numbers in mind to play the game with. Don't worry; after you have made your selections and entered the game you will see your selections above the reels with a button you can use to change your numbers.

Once you have decided on your stakes and lines in play for the game, you press spin and the reels will spin and numbers fall in to place on the screen with each number being between 1 and 49 and to the left of the screen you will also notice the Star Numbers spinning and landing with 1 falling in each of the three levels of the screen.

If you get just one number on a payline and that payline terminates in a position corresponding with your Lucky star number you will get a win that is 5x your stake per line with payouts increasing for more numbers on a payline, the more numbers, the higher the payout and the payout is boosted if the payline ends at your lucky star number. The numbers that land do not even need to be the same number, for example, landing three different numbers that you have selected on a payline is the same as getting three of one of your numbers on a payline

There are three paylines that end on the top and bottom tier of the game and 4 that end on the centre row so your lucky number can boost between 3 and 4 winning paylines in one go and you can make this win boost even greater if you like.

There is an extra win boost feature that allows you to multiply your stake as an extra wager by 3 or 5 times the normal amount and the benefit of doing this is that it will boost your wins made with your Lucky Star number by 10 or 20 times respectively unless it is a jackpot win.

Reel Symbols

  • Lucky Star between 1 and 15
  • Lottery Numbers between 1 and 49



SpinLotto has an average RTP between 89% and 95.9%


The SpinLotto slot is a Gamevy Production slot game.

Play 'SpinLotto' now at:

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