Treasures of King Arthur

You would be hard pressed to find someone who was not familiar to some level with the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, get the jump on them and be one of the first to become familiar with this Arthurian themed mobile slot game

This 25 Payline, 5 reel slot has randomly triggered bonus rounds and also some that you receive by landing the bonus symbol, track them down eagerly as you could be in receipt of Arthur's Treasure when you release the Progressive Jackpot that comes with this adventuresome slot game

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Game Features

Because you can play as many or few of the lines available in Treasures of King Arthur you can play the game for as little as a penny as that is the lowest line stake available and you can raise this up to ten pence per line. There is an Autoplay feature if you want to sit back and watch the reels spin which will let you preset a win or loss limit that will stop the Autospins automatically before you reach your requested limit which can be between 5 and 25 consecutive wagers of the game. 


Payouts in Legends of King Arthur are made according to the Paytable so if you land 5 Castle symbols on an active payline you are guaranteed 500x your stake per line

Bonus Features

The first way that this game helps you get paid out is the randomly triggered Merlin's Magic Shuffle feature. After any spin and any wins have been calculated there is a chance for the Merlin character on the screen to animate and bang his staff on the reels. This will cause some of the symbols to move position and any new wins, including bonus games will then be awarded to you.

The Castle symbol is wild and it will substitute for all other symbols in the game as it is also the bonus scatter symbol that triggers the Castle Bonus round where a wealth of treasures and mini-games can be won when three or more of the symbols appear anywhere on the screen.

The Castle Bonus round is a board game played along the top of the castle walls; you move along the wall by spinning a wheel that can progress you between 1 and 5 spaces along the trail and at each corner of the castle is a turret, each corresponding to one of 4 mini-games. You continue spinning in this stage of the game until you land on a square with 'stop' in it and you collect prizes and mini games as you go along with the possibility of landing on squares that can move you forward or backwards along the trail and there are some that will give no award. If you land on a square marked 'cash' you will receive an award of your base game stake and landing on a square marked 'free spins' you will get a free spin added to your free spins balance which are played out at the end of the bonus game. If you trigger the Castle Bonus round with 4 bonus symbols; when the free spins are played out your rewards will be quadrupled and if the bonus game is triggered with 5 bonus symbols they will be multiplied by 20! If you land on a square during the Castle Bonus round that is marked with the word 'bonus' you could get a cash reward that is twice your base game stake and 2 free spins added to your balance. The square marked 'add again' will move you on the same number of spaces as the roll that got you to the square while 'move back 3' will move you back 3 spaces. Now that the spaces on the walls have been dealt with it is time to deal with the four turrets as landing on these will trigger its mini-game and these are Merlin's Magic Potion, The Round Table bonus, The Knight's Shield bonus and The Road to Excalibur bonus. When you reach a Tower a flag will rise from it with a number on it; the higher the number on the flag the better the potential rewards are from the mini-game and if a Red Flag is raised on the Turret corresponding to The Road to Excalibur turret then there will be a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot or the mini-game will be played out with the maximum potential rewards in play.

Merlin's Magic Potion bonus: In this mini-game you are shown three goblets, one of which you must select which will reveal a prize

The Round Table bonus: You are presented with the Round Table surrounded by Knights with King Arthur at the bottom of the screen. The table is divided into sections which have a multiplier on them and the table is spun. The multiplier that lands at King Arthur's position will be applied to your balance.

The Knight's Shield bonus: You will see 15 shields hanging on a wall and below them you will see a number of multipliers that will be concealed behind the shields. You will see a number to the right of the screen that shows how many picks you can have. When you use a pick to select a shield the shield will spin and reveal one of the multipliers. You can choose to accept that multiplier or, if you have picks remaining, you can reject the offer and select another shield in the hopes that you get a higher multiplier on your next selection. This mini-game concludes when you select a multiplier or have no more picks available which will cause your last pick to be awarded.

The Road to Excalibur bonus: You will see a trail through a forest which leads to Excalibur and this is divided in to sections with multipliers on them which increase the further along the trail with a huge reward available if you reach Excalibur. A spinner to the side of the trail has numbers and collect segments on it. Landing on a number will move you the corresponding number of spaces along the trail and if you land on a collect segment then the multiplier you are currently on will be applied and end the feature. 

If you were lucky enough to have a red flag raised on The Road to Excalibur Turret and entered in to the Progressive Jackpot Chance Wheel you get to spin on a wheel that has segments corresponding to the three Progressive Jackpots and Excalibur symbols. If you land on a Jackpot segment you will receive that Progressive Jackpot while landing on an Excalibur symbol will enter you in to The Road to Excalibur bonus mini-game with maximum prizes available.

You could also win one of the Progressive Jackpots randomly after any spin of the base game if you are playing for high stakes

Reel Symbols

  • Castle...this symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols; 3 or more will trigger bonus round
  • King Arthur
  • Guinevere
  • Excalibur
  • Shield
  • J-A



Treasures of King Arthur has an average RTP of 95%


The Treasures of King Arthur slot is a Cozy Games slot game.

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