Worms Reloaded

Worms Reloaded does more than just add the Jackpot King Progressive Jackpot to its arsenal, read on to find out more

This 20 Payline, 5 reel slot brings you four bonus rounds to keep you amused in your hunt of the jackpot as well as random modifiers; hold on to your hats for the gaming session of your life 

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Game Features

Lines: 20 fixed

Stakes: £0.01-£25.00 per line

Autoplay: 10-100

Other: Sound Off/On

The Worms slot game was already one that successfully brought all the fun of the video game in to the form of a slot and Worms Reloaded has managed to retain all of that and introduce a Progressive Jackpot along with symbol and randomly triggered features to entertain aplenty. The slightly militaristic background music works well especially when a win is made as it is countered by some James Brown style snippets when this occurs. The randomly triggered bonuses don't always result in massive wins but the animations of the worms that trigger them are amusing in their own right. The 100 spins we gave the game on testing went by in a flash due to the mechanics of the game which was ultimately surprising as we realised we had a lot of enjoyment from the game while only triggering a symbol triggered bonus feature once which was the Battle Ground Bonus which we came a way from with a win that was 280x our line bet. This is another game that we will be coming back to in our own time.


Payouts in Worms Reloaded are made according to the Paytable so if you land 5 Jester Worm symbols you are guaranteed a win that is 500x your stake per line yet the largest single win to be had can be achieve by releasing the Progressive Jackpot which can be won at any level of play

Bonus Features

The Jester Worm symbol is wild in Worms Reloaded and the only symbol that it will not substitute for is the Worms Bonus symbols. There are three of the Worms Bonus symbols; two standard ones on reels 1 and 3 and a third one on reel 5 which will have one of the four bonus features on it. Landing three of the symbols in view at the end of a spin will trigger the bonus round that is shown on the third symbol which can be the Battle Ground Bonus, the Jet Pack Bonus, the Blitz Blast Bonus or the Super Sheep Bonus.

Battle Ground Bonus: You are taken to a beach populated with mines and you get to select them to detonate them and reveal a multiplier to your win or even one of the other bonus features; this feature will end when one of the detonated mines reveals 'collect'

Jet Pack Bonus: This is a space age trail game where your aim is to make your way safely across the planets in order to reach the big money end game. You are presented with a number of UFOs that you select to advance you along the trail collecting bet multipliers as you go but if one of the UFOs reveals a mine or some dynamite the feature will end with multipliers achieved being applied to your stake. If you manage to make your way all along the trail you are presented with a number of planets and you need to select one to blow up in order to reveal your big money prize.

Blitz Blast Bonus: This is a free spins round based around London where potentially unlimited free spins are awarded. A worm on one side of the screen has a rocket strapped to its back and a worm on the other side will light a fuse. You then play your free spins where any worm symbol that lands on reel 5 will advance the burning fuse but the further the fuse progresses, the higher the win multiplier becomes. When the fuse reaches the worm with the rocket strapped to it, it will be blasted in to space and the feature will end

Super Sheep Bonus: This is another free spins round that takes place around a castle with a 5x4 screen that has 20 paylines. On any spin in this feature 1-3 Super Sheep can cause Super Sheep wild symbols to be added to the reels and a worm at the side of the reels could shoot them down. Once 6 spins of the reels have played out you get to select one of three grenades and if you reveal the Super Sheep the feature will retrigger while revealing collect will end the feature

There are also randomly triggered bonus features that trigger if the Worms Grenade in the logo explodes; these modifiers are:

Banana Bombs Wilds - As the reels spin a banana bomb will land on the reels and explode, splattering reel positions with banana bomb wild symbols which will act the same as the standard wild when the reels stop spinning. If a worm holding a bazooka appears and fires at the reels at the end of the spin the banana bomb wilds will be held in place and a free respin of the game commence

Holy Hand Grenade - This will cause a grenade to be thrown at the spinning reels causing extra bonus symbols to be added to the reels increasing your chances of triggering one of the bonus features mentioned above

Teleport Mayhem - When the reels stop a worm will press a teleporter button which will cause symbols to disappear and reappear in a winning combination. This feature can keep occurring as long as the worm doesn't blow himself to pieces

Concrete Donkey - A worm will appear and cause a concrete donkey to fall on to the reels creating some reels to be turned entirely wild

You will notice as you play that reels can land with a Jackpot King overlay symbol on the reels and if you end the spin with one of each on the five reels you will have the opportunity to win the Jackpot King Progressive Jackpot. You will see a set of reels that will have crown symbols on them and a meter to the side. Spin these reels to land as many of the Crowns as possible because every crown symbol that lands will add to the meter to the side; the more you collect the higher the multiplier you will reach on the meter and collecting 15 or more of them will enter you in to the Wheel King feature. After every spin you need to select on of the king's treasure pieces which can award another spin to collect more crowns, collect which will award the multiplier you have reached on the meter to your stake and end the feature or you could even gain immediate entry in to the Wheel King feature. The Wheel King feature is a wheel divided in to Jackpot and multiplier segments and you will see a pointer on the wheel as well. You spin the wheel and you will be awarded the prize that the pointer lands on.

Reel Symbols

  • Jester Worm...this symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols except bonus
  • Worms...3 of this bonus symbol triggers bonus round
  • Worms Reloaded Logo
  • Rocket with Red Nose Cone
  • Rocket with Blue Nose Cone
  • Meteor
  • Gun
  • J-A



Worms Reloaded has an average RTP of 92.66%


The Worms Reloaded slot is a Blueprint Gaming slot game.

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